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grandmother riding on Moto Guzzi motorcycle

Grandma gets ride on a Moto Guzzi

The big day had arrived! It was not Christmas day, but it was time for her big ride. I put my black winter jacket on her to go with the black Harley-Davidson helmet (and her black cane). As a little coincidence, my motorcycle is an Italian-made Moto Guzzi California Vintage, and my mother-in-law is Italian-American. I believe it was the perfect motorcycle for her maiden motorcycle ride.

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Ewan McGregor on white Moto Guzzi California Vintage

Ewan McGregor auctions off his Guzzi California Vintage

The movie star and adventure motorcyclist, Ewan McGregor, has announced he is auctioning his special white Moto Guzzi California Vintage motorcycle on eBay November 27, 2008 to raise money and…

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