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John at Sunset Beach Finish 2012 on Moto Guzzi California motorcycle for MS Breakaway to the Beach

MS Breakaway to the Beach Moto Marshals

As Motorcycle Marshals, our team patrols the 200 miles of public roads and highways that over a thousand bicyclists ride on for two grueling days of pedaling. Two 11 hour days in the saddle on my Moto Guzzi California Vintage can be tiring too, but just watching all the bicycle riders tough it out always makes me forget about how sore my rear end is getting or how tired I may feel.

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Leon leading riders at Firehouse Run 2011

Firehouse Run: a ride to never forget

On Saturday May 7th, I rode my Moto Guzzi California Vintage in the 4th annual “Firehouse Run” in York County, South Carolina.  The benefit ride is organized by the Comporium…

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Guzzi California Vintage at Morrow Mountain scenic overlook in North Carolina

A ride on my Guzzi to Morrow Mountain

On my way to Morrow Mountain State Park, the weather was sunny and a little cool. My Moto Guzzi California was running perfectly, as usual. North Carolina had amazingly suffered 8 tornadoes the day before so I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding road conditions.

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Emore Leather Company

Taking a ride to Emore Leather Company

Some of Emore Leather Company’s motorcycle items have even been featured on custom bikes in Biker and Easy Riders magazines. Who’d ever known that inside this little old-time building this couple has been producing some of the finest custom motorcycle leather accessories imaginable?

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Moto Guzzi California motorcycle marshal

Motorcycle Marshal on Moto Guzzi Cali

Afer riding my Moto Guzzi California as first-time motorcycle marshal, I’m already looking forward to doing it again and would encourage other motorcyclists to volunteer as marshals similar for similar events in their area as a way to contribute by using your motorcycle

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California Vintage at group ride to beach

California Vintage as Motorcycle Marshal

To practice as motorcycle marshals for the 2010 MS Breakaway to the Beach, we rode the course on a practice ride last weekend from the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area to Sunset Beach, NC via Florence, SC. As usual, I was the only Moto Guzzi rider in the bunch!

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