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This web site is dedicated to the California series of motorcycles manufactured by Moto Guzzi, the world famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

In the meantime, visit my original site MotorcycleInfo.org for all your motorcycle and scooter information.  And also, take a look at my other site MotoGuzziGuide.com for all things Moto Guzzi!  If you are in the market for a used Moto Guzzi, visit my latest site at MotoGuzziForSale.com

Ewan McGregor auctions off his Guzzi California Vintage »

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John Clay is the author of MotoGuzziCalifornia.Com. He and his family reside in North Carolina in the United States. A graduate of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Experienced Rider Course, he enjoys riding and maintaining his Moto Guzzi California Vintage.

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  1. joe wheaton says:

    I am looking for some help with a problem with my 1989 California 3 . It is dying. Can you tell me a web sight or any suggestions. Thanks for the help.