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Moto Guzzi California Vintage H-pipe lengthenedThe following Moto Guzzi California exhaust system modification project idea was sent in by one of the readers of this site, Alexander in Holland.

As a comparison, you can see the standard Moto Guzzi California Vintage exhaust pipes shown in my long term review article.

He and I were discussing details of the tail light modification that I did a few months ago.  He happened to mentioned his idea of extending the tail pipes on his California Vintage so that they would extend just beyond the rear of the panniers to avoid the hot exhaust gasses affecting the panniers.

The factory-equipped LaFranconi tail pipes end underneath the panniers.  Extending them just beyond them gives the bike a subtle, but effective custom look that I personally think looks really good.  It might seem like a simple project, but in fact, it took some fabricating and welding.

New Guzzi center stand end bracketsHere’s the details from Alexander, and many thanks to him for sharing this:

Presently I´m extending the mufflers to the rear, since I don´t wish the exhaust gasses to be released right underneath the panniers any more.

I´m lengthening an open cross pipe section by 250 mm (about 10 inches), which then will replace the cross silencer and fit the mufflers more aft. The idea is roughly depicted attached: before and after the change. It´s not just improving the sound a little, but sure improves the looks too!

custom exhaust brackets for Guzzi CaliforniaThis job requires 2 new suspension brackets and -points for the mufflers and a new bracket to secure the center stand end stop. The exhaust protection plates will stay in the same position relatively to the bike as they are now, so they don´t shift with the mufflers. They´re in their present position for a reason.

I removed the middle balance muffler and replaced it with an “open balance pipe”, which I had lengthened by 250 mm stainless pipe. That welding job was done by a professional stainless steel welder.

Please, note the M6 threaded bushes to which the protecting plates will connect.Moto Guzzi California Vintage with extended exhaust pipes

I fixated the center stand end stop, which actually is the bracket of the left muffler, with a new bracket and provided both mufflers with new brackets.

New suspension points needed to be welded to the chromed rack under the panniers each side.  Upon being welded at these racks have gone for re-chroming.  Hopefully the racks are available when I return home in March, so I can actually ride the bike in her new fashion. Can´t wait.

Summarizing it has cost me, all in Euros:  open balance pipe 120 , pipe extensions 20, chroming ± 70, stainless bolts etc. 20.   Not too bad. Welding and machining was done by friends.Moto Guzzi California extended exhaust pipes

And, important, the original situation can always be restored, if required.

So, thanks again to Alexander for all the photos and for his very interesting project idea.

As a side note, I don’t know if this modification is legal in all countries, states or provinces.  Some local governments do not allow the exhaust system of a motorcycle to be modified in any way.

As always, make sure your Moto Guzzi California is safe to operate when doing any modifications, especially one like this.  If unsure, take it to a professional motorcycle service shop and have them do a safety inspection!

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  1. Chicago Mark says:

    I really like this idea and how your exhaust entension turned out. If this were available in a kit I’d likely buy it.

    All the best,