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Classic replacement windshield for Moto Guzzi EV, Stone, Titanium,  AluminumThere are a variety of windshields to choose from if you are looking to just replace or to update the looks and function on your Moto Guzzi California motorcycle.

Here we’ll explore a few different brands and styles that have versions available for the Cali.

When selecting a motorcycle windshield, the recommended height is to have the top edge of the windshield just slightly below eye level,  about the height of your nose.  Of course, the best height is whatever makes you comfortable for how you like to ride; however, windshields taller than eye-level can be really difficult to see though when they’re wet.

For the California Vintage, Rifle Fairings has replacement windshields that are pre-drilled to fit the factory mounting hardware.  National’s standard width is 22.5 inches and is 1 inch wider than stock.  As an extra-cost option, you can order 25.5 inch width.

The Rifle aftermarket California Vintage windshield is available in three different heights: 19.5 inches (1 inch taller than stock), 21.5 inches (3 inches taller than stock), and 23.5 inches (5 inches taller than stock) as measured from the top of the headlight to the top of the windshield.  Color choices are dark gray, light gray or medium bronze.

The stock Moto Guzzi Cal Vintage windshield is polycarbonate (says “Lexan FMR” on it).  This grade of polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance as well as hard coating for abrasion resistance.  Good stuff.

Many aftermarket windshields, including these specific models from National Cycle, are acrylic instead of polycarbonate.  Generally, acrylic is not nearly as impact-resistant as polycarbonate.  National does offer polycarbonate windshields, but not specifically designed for the Californias.

For the Moto Guzzi California EV, Rifle offers similar to the above, except heights are 15, 17, 19 inches, and widths are 22 inches or the “slim” version at 2o inches.

Flyscreen motorcycle windshield for Moto Guzzi CaliforniaNational Cycle (available at Motorcycle Superstore) offers several different options that can be fit to a variety of Moto Guzzi California motorcycles.  A minimalist windshield, called the “Flyscreen” just about covers the gauge cluster and provides a little wind deflection, but no serious protection from the wind.

Other National Cycle windshield options for the Guzzi California are the Street Shield, the Street Shield EX, Deflector Screen, Deflector Screen DX, and the Plexistar 2.  The greatest wind protection comes from the Plexifairing 3 which as built-in lowers as well as hand grip coverage.  The Plexistar 2 is similar, but does not have the lower extended shield feature.  Costs for these vary between $100-$200 USD.

Clearview Shields of Colorado offers their classic (16.5 or 20.5 inches height) and sport (15 inch or 17 inch height) acrylic windshields for the Moto Guzzi California EV, Stone, Titanium and Aluminum.  Also available are replacement windshields for the EV and Stone touring fairings.  Stock windshield size is 18 inches high x 20.5 inches wide.  Their model GT22 is 21.5 x 21.5 inches for extra coverage.

One of the better deals for a windshield for the Moto Guzzi California touring fairing is the Slipstreamer replacement fairing windshield p/n 10696G available at JC Whitney for about $63 USD depending on what size option you choose.  It is guaranteed to fit the factory fairing.

Whatever type of Moto Guzzi California windshield you choose, be sure to keep it clean the right way.  Be very careful when cleaning a motorcycle windshield, otherwise you could create tiny micro-scratches that can make it look hazed.  Those scratches could take some effort to get rid of, depending how deep they are, but usually they can be polished away to a like-new shine with some effort.

What make and model of windshield works best on your Guzzi California?

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  1. Peter Ramsbottom says:

    Brian, if you did remove the windshield and have it lying in bubble-wrap in your garage.., I would like that style for my California Special.

    I’m in Walton-on-Thames so not too far..

    07957 540813

  2. Delmont Day says:

    Looks like Jon Coles-Brady figured it all out……how about photos.

  3. Joe Connell says:

    I am looking for a replacement windshield for a 2002 Cal Stone.
    I have hardware for the police windshield. I would like a
    windshield around 18″ rather than the standard 16″. Any suggestions? Thanks

  4. John says:

    Steve, looks like Moto Guzzi part number B064234 is your only option at the moment. If anyone reading this knows of any, let’s let Steve know and I will do the same.

  5. Steve says:

    I am buying a new California Custom. I want a windshield for the Custom. What are my options?

  6. John says:

    Steve, Moto Guzzi part number B064234 is the factory accessory windshield kit with the mounting hardware for the California 1400 Custom. You can also get part number B064235 matching lower air deflectors for the Custom too. You should be able to order these from your dealer. As for aftermarket brands, I have not seen anything yet.

  7. Steve Walker says:

    I am looking for a windshield for a new California Custom 1400. Is any manufacturer making a police style windshield for the new California’s? Thanks, Steve

  8. Trout says:

    Nice inexpensive wind screen. Try:

    They are thin plastic & universal fit so be prepared to spend a little time adjusting. They come with brackets for 7/8″ handlebars but I found 1-1/8″ brackets at

    I’ve used these screens on older 850T’s & on the Cali with the stock bars and recently changed out the Buckhorn style for a lower sportier bar and the screen has worked fine on all these different applications.

    Screen & brackets are about $100.00

    PS: They have a “CloseOut” called the Stealth. I bought it and it seems to lift the front end at 70+ and in cross winds it’s more like a sail.

  9. Rik Guzzimaniac says:

    Hi Ladies and Gents
    A quick word from over the pond, being a California mkII rider of 30 years I feel its the best bike I have ever riden or owned.
    I live in a town called Swindon near a small town called Royal Wootton Bassett, for the last couple of years the local bikers have organised a Ride of Respect every 18th of march.
    (it might even make it as far as the USA on your news programs)
    It shows we support and respect and wish to give money and help for our fallen and wounded heroes.
    Its a small way of generating cash for this organisation, a ride of about 15 miles through local villages along country roads with a police escort.
    All the local people lining the route waving and showing Union Jack flags. it makes you feel very humble with all the good feelings coming our way as bikers in general dont usually get this in the UK.
    I will be riding my old Califonia with the rest of my friends and fellow bikers, the old girl has had a major refurbishment this year with new exhaust downpipes and balance pipe and the custom made fishtails getting a good clean, she has single seat and newer panniers from mkIII Cali fitted as the old ones finally bit the dust and cracked up and died.
    She still runs very well and will still criuse all day at 80mph and still handles like a bike half the size.
    As I get older 51 now, I realise that technlogy gets in the way of true riding fun and I will stick with my bike for as long as I can ride her not being tempted with any newer bikes.
    My only techy addition is blue tooth helmet intercom for my iphone so that music accompanies me where ever I go on my bike.
    As a newcomer to this site I do hope to take part in many of its discussions and hope to get some info in exchange.
    Ride free and safe Rik

  10. John says:

    Brian, I’m not sure why you don’t like having a windshield. I enjoy the one that came on my Cal Vin, it makes riding less fatiguing and is especially helpful when running into wet weather. Some bikes look better or maybe sportier without a windshield, and some riders just don’t want to use one. Anyway, ride what you like, variety makes motorcycles more interesting!

  11. Brian says:

    I’m a prospecting Cal-Vin owner and have found this website to have more detail than others regarding this model. Not being a fan of windshields, I was wondering what your opinions on removing the windshield all together are?

  12. roy says:

    Hi Bob:

    Just wondering how your ride with Laminar Lip turned out – I just bought a new Vintage, and also need some to alleviate the wind moise on my helmet caused by original windshield alone…



  13. Bob Hadden says:

    I just installed a Rifle Classic (tall) on my ’04 Titanium before I left on a 2,500 mile trip from my home in Wyoming thru Saskatchewan and Alberta. the quality and sturdiness of the Rifle are outstanding, though I still got more buffeting than I like. when I got back I contacted Laminar Lip and put a universal lip on top of the Rifle. I’d say the buffeting has been reduced by maybe 50%, though the lip looks a little funky up there. I’m leaving on another trip to Illinois, then to the Salt Flats after that so I’ll have a better impression of how I like this set-up when I get back…I’ll let you know.

  14. John says:

    Jon, you might try contacting Rifle Fairings in USA to see if they ship windshields to UK or if they have a distributor there. If you go to and select “replacement windshield” for Moto Guzzi, you can pick the size configuration you want. Keep us posted as to what you get and your impressions of it. I may eventually do the same.

  15. Jon Coles-Brady says:

    I would like to purchase a California Vintage windshield the one I would like is the 21.5 inches (3 inches taller than stock) as measured from the top of the headlight to the top of the windshield. My Colour choice light gray.
    Can you advise on how I can buy the screen,including delivery cost to the UK?
    Is the above screen available in Polycarbonate Instead of acrylic?

  16. Ralph Manders says:

    I’ve fitted the original California EV large screen to my vintage, for me (6 feet tall) the perfect screen up to top speed! Just had to make 2 metal strips for the foglight brackets, and this screen has the original California look to it and not the Harley style!

  17. Mike Howry says:

    I was wondering if there are any full fairings for newer Moto Guzzi’s other than H&H and Hannigan. I have a California Vintage and the stock windsheild just does not cut during cold weather. What are the pros and cons as far as frame or bar mounted fairings?