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Kuryakyn Primoshield half cover on Moto Guzzi California Vintage When I bought my Moto Guzzi California in 2008, I eventually started riding it to work almost every day.  I did not have a cover, but I tried to keep the bike clean. I hated to come out after work to find bird droppings, pollen, or water marks from a passing shower.  Also, the burning heat of the Carolina sun can be brutal, and because I work with UV light at my job, I’m more aware of what UV can do to paint, plastic and other materials. I’ve also noticed the recurring sound of pressure venting from the big Moto Guzzi Cali tank when it is directly in the sun.  So, I invested in a UV blocking cover for my new motorcycle back in 2008.  I chose a silver Kuryakyn Primoshield half-cover and I am happy I did.

This has been a really great motorcycle cover for many reasons. I like that I can put it on the bike as soon as I get to work, even though the engine is still hot.  It has a soft lining inside the front and rear to protect the windshield and trunk from scuff marks.  It blocks UV light and keeps my gauges, switches, fuel tank, seat and trunk from getting baked and faded.  It helps keep the sun from heating up the fuel tank.  And finally, it also protects against rain, dew, bird droppings, etc.

Kuryakyn Primoshield Half Cover in bag Why am I just writing about the cover now?  Well, after a little over 6 years, my well weathered Primoshield cover has finally given in to the stress and strain from the mirrors and handlebar levers.  The material had become somewhat dried and brittle from all the sun exposure.  I got the cover in the first place so it could be sacrificed to the powers of the sun instead of discoloring or prematurely aging bits of my motorcycle.  I spent about $45 for it in 2008, and I feel it has been worth every bit of it.

Now in the spring of 2015, I went and ordered the exact same silver Kuryakyn Primoshield half-cover as I had.  Like before, Kuryakyn includes a carrying bag made from the same material as the cover.  The cover tucks nicely into this bag which I keep in my saddlebag.  The price was just about the same as before too, which was nice to see.  I ordered it on Amazon via Motorcycle Superstore to save cost of shipping.  It even came with a sheet of Motorcycle Superstore stickers, which I won’t be placing on my Guzzi, but maybe on my toolbox.  I was pleased to see it was still available, and is still the same good quality as before.  Now I should be all set for another 6 years or so with weekly, sometimes daily usage.

Kuryakyn Primoshield Half Cover hook One thing I do with my cover is remove the metal S-hooks.  They are intended to hook under the bike or on the foot pegs to keep the cover secured, but I find they are unnecessary and I’m afraid I will bang them into the bike when I put the cover on.  The Guzzi windshield and fog lamps on the California Vintage keep it nicely secured on the front, and my Givi top case holds it on in the back.  When I take the trunk off, I simply put the cover down over the tail light and turn signals to keep it secured.  The black stretch fabric on the sides for the S-hooks can be cut away or simply left as-is, but unlike the cover’s silver material, this part can melt if it touches the headers by accident when putting the cover on the motorcycle.  It happened to me once.  To remove the S-hooks, no tools are required, you can simply slide them off.

This half-cover is one that I personally recommend based on my last 6-1/2 years of experience with using it on my Moto Guzzi California Vintage.  As I mentioned, it is great for keeping the damaging UV from the sun away, and it works great too to keep light rain or dew away from the seat and handlebars.  I keep the bike garaged at night, but I’ve used this cover overnight at hotels. It is easier to manage than a full cover and being able to put in on right away is nice, especially when it is just starting to rain and the engine is still hot.

If you have a favorite motorcycle cover for your Moto Guzzi, please share what works best for you in the comments section below.

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  1. John says:

    October 2017 update – This cover has not held up as well as the original one I had. Seems material is much easier to rip and there is some adhesive strips on the inside at the seams that is coming off. I still prefer this cover, but am disappointed in how this 2nd one is holding up.