How-To and Basic Maintenance Tips

Installing the Battery Tender Junior cable to the battery

Battery Tender Junior installed on Guzzi

To put an end to any lingering battery worries, I bought a Deltran Battery Tender Junior. I love this gadget and wanted to share a few installation tips and photos of how I installed it on my Moto Guzzi California motorcycle.

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Moto Guzzi California Vintage front suspension rebound adjust

Moto Guzzi California suspension adjusting

Moto Guzzi California suspension adjustment is pretty easy to do, as I hope you were able to see from this article. Adjusting suspension on your motorcycle is pretty much performed via trial and error. Remember to adjust a little at a time, ride safely, and give yourself enough time to experiment with different settings to see which ones work best for you.

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connecting the H3 bulb wire on Moto Guzzi California Vintage

Installing 35W bulbs in fogs on Cal Vintage

Installing 35W fog light bulbs is a simple way to reduce battery drain on a Moto Guzzi California Vintage. I explain and show photos how I replaced the factory 55 Watt H3 bulbs with 35 Watt H3 bulbs on my 2007 California Vintage. I have no idea why I waited so long to do this.

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Flyscreen motorcycle windshield for Moto Guzzi California

Windshields for Moto Guzzi California

Whatever type of Moto Guzzi California windshield you choose, be sure to keep it clean the right way. Be very careful when cleaning a motorcycle windshield, otherwise you could create tiny micro-scratches that can make it look hazed.

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